Kelen F. Camehl, CPA, MBA
Dr. Robert K. Minniti, DBA, CPA, CFE, CFF, MAFF, CGMA, CrFA, CVA, PI


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    7.5 Hours

Integrating Audit Data Analytics into the Audit Process

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This CPE course introduces the concept of audit data analytics, provides a brief overview of what audit data analytics is, and illustrates how ADA tools can be integrated into the current audit process. The course provides over a dozen examples ranging from procedures performed during risk assessment through forming an overall conclusion. Examples also include procedures for substantive analytical procedures and tests of details.

This course is helpful for beginners or for those who are looking for additional training on how to apply content from the new AICPA publication Guide to Audit Data Analytics.
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Topics discussed

Components and principles of internal control
Concepts associated with the COSO framework
Management responsibilities vs. auditor responsibilities
Common significant accounting processes
Fraud risks for major classes of transactions
Tools and techniques used for internal control documentation

Learning objectives

Identify what is audit data analytics (ADA).
Recall how audit data analytics fits within the audit process, from risk assessment through forming an opinion.
Identify the basic audit procedures that use audit data analytics.

Who will it benefit?

Auditors performing and reporting on their audit engagements