Sean Purcell


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    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


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    7 Hours

Finance Business Partnering: The Essentials

Are you seeking more insight into developing skills required for finance business partnering? This CPE self-study course builds on your current knowledge and experience to help you successfully navigate and drive value for your business during a time of disruptive, technological change. You will learn how to stay relevant and future-focused while building your competencies in critical areas including communication, influencing, and business acumen. Key topics include:

Future of finance
Finance business partnering
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Topics discussed

Finance evolution and performance
Barriers and how to overcome them
Impact of technology
Restructuring for the digital age
Best behaviors
Lessons on influence from psychology
Visual Presentation

Learning objectives

Recognize the importance of successful finance business partnering to an organization’s success and sustainability.
Identify the core finance business partnering competencies necessary for today’s finance and accounting professionals.
Recognize the importance of the interconnectivity of technical, business, people, and leadership competencies.
Identify how an organization or the finance department can prepare to deal with key challenges to business partnering success.

Who will it benefit?

Finance professionals of any level who would like more insight into developing skills required for finance business partnering.