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    3 Hours

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Business and Finance

In this course, you will learn how to deal with the challenges that AI brings and apply the various ethical challenges in everyday situations. For instance, if your client or company used artificial intelligence to identify and hire "like-minded people with best personal chemistry for existing team members," and you end up hiring a team with zero diversity − are you compromising ethics? The explosive growth of AI will drive momentous and rapid adoption of AI in business and finance. This course will also introduce ethical issues or governance violations that should be proactively considered.
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blankTopics discussed

Introduction to AI and ethics
The difference between ethics and governance
Understanding the risks of AI
Understanding the impact potential
Evaluating risk: What drives the AI risk
Bias: The hidden criminal in the data
Intentions and AI
Liability and law
Explainable AI
Challenges with managing ethics

blankLearning objectives

Identify the challenges of ethics in an artificial intelligence (AI) economy
Recognize the challenges of machine intelligence ethics.
Distinguish between different ethical models and how they are applied.
Analyze various ethical and governance related situations.
Determine AI applications in finance, accounting, and audit situations.

blank Who will it benefit?

Accounting and finance professionals who deal with AI technology as part of their daily routine, to gain a better ethical foundation in the AI revolution.