Khoa Huynh; Matthew Bogusch; Rory Heenan


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    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


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    6 Hours

IT Governance, Risks, and Controls

This CPE self-study course will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to implement and maintain an effective IT governance infrastructure that identifies and addresses IT related risks in support of organizational objectives.
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Topics discussed

Elements of security policy
Organizational risk assessment
Identity and access management
Logical and physical access controls
Network and system security controls
Business continuity planning

Learning objectives

Identify the objectives and principles of IT governance, including key components and best practices.
Recognize IT governance roles, responsibilities and accountabilities and various IT control frameworks.
Identify the process involved in implementing IT governance.
Identify the key components and benefits of the IT governance structure.
Identify IT related risks that can affect the achievement of overall enterprise objectives.
Recognize how to Identify and mitigate risks through effective risk management.
Identify risk exposures and ensure properly communicated to manage risks and avoid potential future impacts to the organization.
Identify strategies for assessing and recognize the impact of control deficiencies to the entity.

Who will it benefit?

Accounting professionals
Technology employees
Leaders and executives
Technology managers
Anyone with responsibilities in finance
Policy administrators
IT staff
CPAs interested in the CITP credential
Risk professionals