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Robotic Process Automation Strategy for Business Leaders

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As a business leader or a strategic business partner, you should be considering Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Whether you sponsor, drive, initiate or are responsible for managing a robotic process automation strategy, this three-course self study online program will prepare you for the future.

You will get an overview of RPA, learn how it's transforming businesses and understand how RPA provides a significant competitive advantage. You will also learn key considerations and steps needed to begin building your RPA strategy including, how to address the cultural shift needed to overcome the "fear of robots" and understand the critical role human intelligence plays to ensure a successful strategy.
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blankTopics discussed

  • Business value of RPA
  • RPA strategy
  • Key issues

blankLearning objectives

  • Define RPA.
  • Recognize how RPA is transforming business, specifically the accounting and finance functions.
  • Indicate the business value of RPA.
  • Identify key considerations in getting started with RPA.
  • Identify the components of RPA strategy to educate your organization about RPA.
  • Recall the steps needed to build your RPA strategy.
  • Recognize key issues that need to be addressed before starting to implement RPA.

blank Who will it benefit?

Non-IT finance professionals, CFOs, controllers, management accountants, public accountants, partners, staff, managers, internal auditors, and business process owners who are considering the implementation of RPA within their organization or want to explore RPA as a specialization, individually or as a firm.