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Communicating Effectively in the Workforce

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In today's technology-oriented world, it is important for professionals to understand the effect that technology has on the communication process. Being able to distinguish and use effective communication strategies transforms communication breakdowns into breakthroughs. Effective communication can raise bottom-line profits by increasing sales and improving employee satisfaction. With effective communication skills, you can do the following:

Influence and motivate your employees
Make better decisions
Negotiate more effectively
Build better work teams
Accomplish business objectives
This CPE course will help you discover how to open lines of communication, have productive meetings, and give persuasive presentations. You will also understand the impact of communication styles in the workplace and to match the message to the audience, persuade and prevent conflicts, and learn how to deal with difficult people
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Topics discussed

Communication and motivation

Learning objectives

Distinguish and use effective communication strategies.
Recognize the significance of our words and their meanings
Differentiate the components of the verbal competence model
Use nonverbal communication effectively in the workplace
Determine the different styles of communication
Recognize the significance and benefits of listening
Distinguish among the various difficult communication patterns

Who will it benefit?

All financial managers and anyone looking to improve their communication skills