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Emerging Topics in Finance 2021

Through narration by industry subject matter experts and application exercises, this informative and engaging online education is comprised of a series of introductory courses covering the hottest emerging topics in finance today.
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Topics discussed

The central role people play in successful change initiatives.
The importance of cybersecurity and developing a security mindset
Bitcoin and blockchain characteristics
What is a robotic process automation
Business value of RPA
Capabilities you need to grow your data-driven strategy
Differences between AI, ML and DL
Benefits of artificial intelligence

Learning objectives

Recognize the challenges in implementing successful change initiatives.
Your role and what it takes to have a security mindset to be a trusted adviser and key contributor toward cybersecurity risk management.
Recall the fundamental attributes and properties of money.
Recall the evolution of blockchain, from pre-cryptocurrency to digital and crypto assets.
Recognize what RPA is.
Recognize how RPA is transforming businesses.
Recall how a data strategy will affect your executive team, technology, people and processes, as well as what new capabilities you need to grow your data-driven strategy.
Recall basic concepts related to AI.
Recognize the importance of AI.

Who will it benefit?

Accounting professionals
Finance Professionals