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Enterprise Risk Management: New Approaches for Today’s Complexities

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Risk has become a global concern. Recently surveyed CEOs continue to identify a variety of risks to their companies. Technological change, geopolitical uncertainty, cybercrime, and availability of key skills are some of the major concerns identified. Organizations must be proactive in anticipating and managing these new risks.

Building a culture of risk awareness and management with increased emphasis on compliance and governance can help ensure that your organization is successful.

This self-study course addresses new approaches to enterprise risk management (ERM), including recent updates to COSO and ISO frameworks, with a focus on managing risk in increasingly complex business environments. Core tenets of strategy development, risk culture, and performance management will be covered to help practitioners implement best practices in ERM.
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blankTopics discussed

Building a risk awareness and management culture
Cybersecurity/Cyber Terrorism and technology
Employee recruitment, development and retention
Succession planning
Loss of knowledge and reputation
Social media issues
Operational issues in risk management
COSO ERM framework revisions
ISO31000, Risk management, revisions
Useful tools and techniques in risk awareness and management
Risk management in strategy development
Whole-organization risk management integration

blankLearning objectives

Identify new approaches to enterprise risk management.
Describe revisions to recently updated ERM frameworks from COSO and ISO.
Identify the importance of developing a robust risk culture.
Apply key risk management tenets into an entity’s strategy and enterprise processes to preserve value.

blank Who will it benefit?

Practitioners of any level who play a risk management role in entities of any size