Kelen F. Camehl, CPA, MBA


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    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


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  • Course duration

    1.5 Hours

Planning, Budgeting, and Performance Assessments

In this course, you will learn about effective tools to assess company performance, such as, profitability analyses, financial ratios, and key nonfinancial performance indicators. Additionally, you will review principles of budgeting, planning, and control.
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Topics discussed

• Financial statement analysis
• Analytical techniques
• Liquidity
• Financial leverage
• Activity
• Profitability ratios
• Nonfinancial KPIs
• Master budget
• Standard costs
• Material and labor variances

Learning objectives

• Identify sources of information for financial statement analysis.
• Identify key analytical techniques.
• Differentiate between liquidity, financial leverage, activity, and profitability ratios.
• Recognize nonfinancial key performance indicators.
• Identify the components of the master budget.
• Recognize key aspects of standard costs and material or labor variances.

Who will it benefit?

Accounting and finance professionals who work for enterprises required to comply with U.S. GAAP or are interested in understanding U.S. accounting fundamentals.