Jennifer H. Elder, CPA, CMA, CIA, CFF, CGMA, MS


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Working Together – Four Personality Styles at Work

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Increase the effectiveness of your professional teams by understanding the dynamics and interactions between the various personality styles. Do some of your coworkers drive each other crazy? It could be they have different personality styles. There are four basic personality styles, each very different with their own strengths and weaknesses. This CPE course is designed to help you understand and appreciate the differences between the different personality styles. You'll learn how to effectively hire and develop employees based on their strengths, weaknesses, wants, and needs.
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Topics discussed

Define all four personality styles
Describe strengths and weaknesses
Identify motivating and de-motivating factors
Determine effective communication techniques appropriate for each style
Practice methods for interacting with differing personality styles

Learning objectives

Define the four basic personality styles based on the DISC profile.
Identify how to read characteristic behavior in others.
Identify ways to adjust interactions with others based on their personality style.

Who will it benefit?

Anyone who would like to learn what their own personality style is, what their co-workers may be and how to work with all types of personalities.