Lynn Fountain; Richard Fox


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    Business Management & Organization

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    On demand

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    5 Hours

Data Analytics Executive Program

Your organization is capturing more data than ever before. Web traffic, customer behavior, the supply chain — and that's just for starters. The exponential growth in data collection may leave you wondering how to manage it all and make use of its full potential. Gain a new advantage in leadership When you can distill vast amounts of information into actionable insights, you’re on your way to becoming a data-driven business leader. Our webcast empowers you to enable everyone within your organization to use data — and to maintain a strategic advantage over competitors in the modern business environment. We’ll give you the tools and insights to build and implement data-driven strategies within your organization.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

• Recall how a data strategy will affect your executive team, technology, people and processes, as well as what new capabilities you need to grow your data-driven strategy.
• Identify the key change management considerations to be successful through this transformation.
• Recognize practical approaches to empowering your team to be data-driven and proactive rather than reactive. A market-focused, proactive approach encourages innovation throughout the organization.
• Identify the common challenges of becoming a data-driven organization, including getting executive leadership buy-in, preparing for data overload, ensuring data quality, handling common talent concerns and acting on the insights from your analysis.

Who will it benefit?

Controllers, CFOs and finance managers
• Executives with responsibility for financial planning, strategy and analysis for small, medium or large companies
• CPAs in public practice and business & industry
• Senior leadership interested in implementing a data analytics strategy