Jeff McNaught, MBA


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    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


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    1 Hour and 15 minutes

Digital Security Update – Business and Personal Angles

Hear the current state of cyber risk in our business and personal lives, and how these crimes of the future can directly affect your career, and (more importantly) your family and friends. This moderately irreverent video discusses some of the more notable cyber risks we all face, most of which we're unaware of, and what you can do to protect against some of them
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

Identify the breadth of data we’re all leaking in our everyday lives, and how companies are using this data for power and profit.
Recognize some well-tested methods to reduce your business risk.
Recall how to protect yourself and your family from risks you may not have known exist.

Who will it benefit?

Those with knowledge of computer system controls required