Jeff Lenning, CPA, CITP


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  • NASBA Field of Study

    Specialized Knowledge

  • Format

    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


  • Course acronym

  • Prerequisites

    working knowledge of Excel

  • Course duration

    2 Hours

Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 6: List Comparisons and Indenting

This session opens with how to use Excel’s lookup functions to perform list comparisons. Also, this webcast covers how to perform multicolumn list comparisons without first combining several columns into a single lookup column. We discuss how a minor detail like how we indent can produce major efficiency gains. We end the webcast by comparing traditional lookup functions to Excel’s multiple condition summing function. The webcast is designed with time for you to work along. During the webcast, the instructor will provide time for you to complete the exercises using your Microsoft Excel for Windows.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

• Perform list comparisons.
• Use the ISERROR function.
• Perform multicolumn list comparisons with COUNTIFS.
• Perform lookups with SUMIFS.
• Indent with the Increase Indent command.

Who will it benefit?

Accounting and finance professionals who’d like to improve their mastery of Microsoft Excel