Candice Meth, CPA,MBA, Jane Searing, CPA, M.S.


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Fundraising in the Digital World – Keeping Current and Compliant

Nonprofits are turning to the Internet and virtual relationships as fundraising channels to develop new sources of revenue. Funding opportunities include using established online fundraising sites, allowing organizational friends to leverage social media sites to fundraise on behalf of the organization, entering into commercial co-venture arrangements, and specific cause related marketing activities. These special fundraising vehicles and activities come with unique risks and rewards.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

Recall different fundraising options, and discuss why advanced fundraising techniques may have advantages over traditional methods
Indicate potential risks and rewards after a discussion of select nonprofits’ experiences with online fundraising
Recall internal control considerations for implementation when utilizing online tools; and
Identify additional federal and state tax reporting requirements which may be triggered depending upon the activity and medium utilized.

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