Sarita Manzaneres, CPA, Rob Teis, CPA, CGMA,; Chris Ortega; Renee Henderson, CPA, CGMA


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    1 Hour and 15 minutes

Generational Views of FP&A Leadership

FP&A leadership is evolving from a professional, personal, and technology perspective. This session will help you learn from those on the front lines in FP&A leadership who provide their perspective, insights, and learning while navigating their careers. Topics covered include when, what, and how these professionals were able to continue to progress their careers from multiple vantage points.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

Understanding FP&A leadership best practices, knowledge, resources, and other tools to help you accelerate your FP&A career
People, process, and technology insights on how FP&A leadership has transformed and where it is going in the future

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