Aaron Berson, Gettry Marcus CPA P.C; David Cardoza, Janeen Stodulski, CPA, MNP LLP


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How Ideas Spread: Kickstarting Technological Change within Your Organisation

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This video is a crash course on how to introduce beneficial new technology to your coworkers, managers, and leadership. The first step is to identify which manual processes can easily be automated to save time, money, and headaches for your firm – but that’s the easy part. The hard part is finding the perfect tool for your case and then convincing everyone that the change will be worth it. Prepare for push back, prepare for pessimism, but don’t settle for the status quo.
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Learning objectives

Recognize the manual bottlenecks in your firm’s current workflows and starting the search for the perfect technology to eliminate them
Identify technological “champions” in your firm who will support your case for change, but function as your closest critics when necessary
Recognize how to pitch the benefits of new technology to each person in your firm, depending on who they are and how they’ll benefit

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