Steve Player, CPA, CGMA


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    75 minutes

Implementing Rolling Forecasts in Your FP&A Process

Most organisations understand that rolling forecasts provide a much more robust platform for FP&A teams to increase productivity. But how do you evaluate which forecasting practices to use either in getting started or in evaluating the strength of your forecasting process?

This session shows you how to create a forward-looking FP&A process anchored by a proactive rolling forecast approach. It shares best practices, provides a quick start approach and then shows you how to go deeper.
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Topics discussed

Implementing Rolling Forecasts

Learning objectives

How to begin to live future ready by implementing rolling forecasts
Ways to assess your current forecasting approach to avoid some common pitfalls
When to use a quick-start approach to getting started with rolling forecasts
What resources to use to increase knowledge and gain more-advanced approaches

Who will it benefit?

Finance Managers
Vice Presidents of Finance, Strategy, or FP&A
Others with responsibility for financial planning, Strategy and analysis for small, medium or large companies