Javier Ramirez


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    1 Hour and 15 minutes

Importance of Business Partnerships for Finance and FP&A Leaders

The latest business-centered technological advances (i.e. Blockchain, AI, IoT, etc) and the amount of data that businesses generate & hoard on a daily basis are speeding up the way that businesses merge, integrate, grow, and expand into new markets or territories. These characteristics bring challenges for the FP&A team to assess situations, qualify investments, develop new market models, and prepare budgets & monthly forecasts. So, companies are in need of Finance leaders with high caliber features that can be proactive, precise, quick, and accurate on their decision making process. Unfortunately, these leaders cannot only rely on their education and technical experiences; but also, they must develop personal skills and attitudes that will allow them to grow long lasting business partnerships within & outside of the organization. In this session, you will learn some of the key areas that a Finance leader should focus on to develop successful long term business partnerships within today's FP&A work environments.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

Develop or participate on a task-force team within the organization
Create brainstorm sessions to identify common goals, objectives, and values
Identify one or multiple leaders within the organization to help the task-force team being on track with the goals, objectives, and to discuss functional specific topics
Connect with each team member by being transparent, authentic, and a little bit vulnerable
Cultivate a team mentality and always collaborate to achieve the team’s results

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