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Integrated ERM

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In 2013 COSO launched its updated Internal Control – Integrated Framework and related guidance documents and also began the process of updating its risk framework to be launched in 2017 - Enterprise Risk Management - Aligning Risk with Strategy and Performance.

The focus of the updated ERM guidance is on the process of integrating enterprise risk management into an organization from strategic decision-making through to execution. The Framework contains principles and practices that can be applied in different ways for different organizations regardless of size or sector.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

Understanding the new COSO ERM Framework
Identifying approaches for integrating risk management into the culture of your organization
Aligning risk management with strategy, performance management and oversight
Enhancing business resilience and the ability to anticipate and respond to change

Who will it benefit?

Corporate leaders
C-suite executives
Finance directors and controllers, investment bankers, attorneys, and consultants