Amy Vetter, CPA/CITP, CGMA; Kirk Phillips


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    Information Technology

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    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


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  • Course duration

    5 Hours

Introduction to Blockchain

This webcast focuses on demystifying the blockchain technology by helping you understand the foundational constructs, benefits and opportunities of blockchain technology. You will be prepared to weigh the risks and challenges as you consider implementing this technology within your organization or your clients’ organization.
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Topics discussed

Evolution of cryptocurrency
Core components of blockchain technology
Proof of work, proof of stake and mining
Custody, responsibility and control continuum
Cryptocurrency security
Security attributes for various wallets
Contrasting physical and digital security
Authentication and password managers from cryptocurrency security

Learning objectives

Identify the fundamentals of money/currency and its evolution from pre-cryptocurrency to digital/crypto-assets.

Distinguish between blockchains and cryptocurrency and ownership.
Identify the core components of blockchain technology.
Distinguish between proof of work, proof of stake, and mining.
Identify the custody, responsibility, and control continuum.
Recall the importance of cryptocurrency security for accountants and auditors.
Identify the security attributes of the various wallet types.
Recognize the distinction between physical security and digital security.
Recall the benefits and features of multi-sig wallets.

Identify the ways two-factor authentication (2FA) and password managers are used for cryptocurrency security.

Who will it benefit?

Non-IT finance professionals, CFOs, controllers, management accountants, public accountants, partners, staff, managers and internal auditors