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    Business Management & Organization

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    21 Hours

Mergers and Acquisitions Bundle

M&A activity represents a growing niche for valuation professionals. Are you positioned to capitalize on these revenue-generating opportunities? The Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions series is intended to illustrate and teach fundamental concepts in the Middle Market arena. This introduction to middle market mergers and acquisitions will walk attendees through a wide range of transactions and provide an overview of middle market buyers and sellers.
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Topics discussed

M&A Part 1: Mergers & Acquisitions – Introduction to Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions
M&A Part 2: Mergers & Acquisitions – Transaction Valuation Overview & Case Illustration
M&A Part 3: Mergers & Acquisitions – Taxes, Terms, and Desiderata
M&A Part 4: Mergers & Acquisitions – Asset Sales
M&A Part 5: Mergers & Acquisitions – Stock Transactions
M&A Part 6: Mergers & Acquisitions – Management, Family and Employee Buyouts
M&A Part 7: Mergers & Acquisitions – Due Diligence and Transaction Documentation
M&A Part 8: Mergers & Acquisitions – Getting a Successful Close
M&A Part 9: Mergers & Acquisitions – Understanding M&A Disputes

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