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    2 Hours

Microsoft Power BI – Introduction to MS Power BI Tools

This course is an introduction to Microsoft Power BI tools. The course discusses the challenges of using Excel for data analysis while explaining the benefits of using the various Power BI tools to analyze data. In this course, you will:

Learn to access data from on−premise and cloud-based sources.
Identify data modeling tools that can save time in data preparation.

Advanced users of Excel can learn to use the powerful DAX formula language to dig deeper into data that lead to actionable insights, as well as create interactive data visualizations.
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Topics discussed

Data Analytics
Data analysis
Data Modeling
Data Sharing
Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Machine learning capabilities

Learning objectives

Recognize ways that the Power BI tools can help with your data analysis needs.
Identify uses for each Power BI tool.
Determine which Power BI tools will meet your organization’s needs.

Who will it benefit?

Business analysts and data scientists
Anyone who needs to analyze data