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    26 Hours

Microsoft Power BI: Power BI series

This nine-part self-study online series will help you develop the skills necessary to use Microsoft Power BI tools, which will allow you to perform enhanced data analysis.

In 2010, Microsoft released PowerPivot, a new data analysis tool that removed the weaknesses of Excel PivotTables. PowerPivot took Excel from a low-end data analytics tool to one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive tools used. Since 2010, Microsoft has continued its development of end-user data analysis tools. This entire suite of products is called Power BI. These courses are presented using Excel 2019/Office 365, but most concepts covered apply to all versions of Excel.
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Topics discussed

The challenge of using Excel for data analysis
Introduction to the various Power BI tools
A tour of each tool’s interface

Learning objectives

Recognize how Power BI tools can help with your data analysis needs.
Identify uses for each Power BI tool.
Select which Power BI tool will meet your organization’s strategy

Who will it benefit?

Accounting and Finance professionals; anyone who uses or wants to use Excel for data analysis