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Motivation through Appreciation: Gratitude as an Engagement Tool

Research tells us that people are less likely to express gratitude at work than anywhere else, even though they wanted to be recognized and appreciated more at work. Yet, expressing gratitude at work can have a significant impact on workplace culture and employee wellbeing. From increased job satisfaction, happiness, and a sense of community to improved morale, reduced stress, and improved immunity, the impact of gratitude on well-being is far-reaching. Since we spend at least 1/3 of our waking hours at or on work, focusing on gratitude is one of the best things we could do to transform our workplaces.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

Explain the business case for gratitude and why a culture of appreciation is critical to retention and morale
Identify practical ways to foster a culture of appreciation at their workplace
Differentiate between the power of bucket fillers vs. bucket dippers

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