Carrie Steffan


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    1 Hour and 15 minutes

Negotiating and Overcoming Objects

Learning to overcome objections is critical to successfully developing business with both current and new clients. As practitioners, hearing a client or prospect raise objections to an idea in which we believe is not only frustrating, but can also cause us to abandon our sales efforts. In this session participants will understand how to see objections in a different light -- not as a barrier but as an opportunity. How and what we communicate during this process is critical to success. Through proven techniques and interactive exercises attendees will learn skills to address objections, keep the sales process moving, deepen trust with clients and potential clients and ultimately win more business.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

See objections as opportunities
Connect services to needs to create solutions
Persuade decision makers to take action Use proven techniques to keep the sales process moving
Over come common objections to your solutions

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