Spencer Controy, CPA; Stuart Miller, CPA


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    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


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    1 Hour and 15 minutes

Not-for-Profit Financial Sustainability

This session will cover the identification of warning signs that could suggest a threat to the financial sustainability of an NFP. It will focus on early identification of these signs and how to avoid surprises in this area. It will talk about how to have these discussions with an organizations board, management and auditors. It will touch upon these issues in conjunction with the recently effective accounting guidance on going concern as well as liquidity.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

Identify signs of financial instability
Identify accounting requirements in difficult situations

Who will it benefit?

Those with basic knowledge of not-for-profit operations, auditing, accounting and/or compliance requirements. General experience working in, or auditing, not-for-profits, including those NFPs audited under GAGAS.