April Day


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    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


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    50 Minutes

Planning for Self Care

The self-care seminar is focused on how managers, leaders, and business owners incorporate taking care of their mental, physical, and financial health to ensure optimum performance in addition to ensuring employees are as well.

This session will provide techniques and programs to incorporate at work to reduce stress, increase productivity & profitability, and reduce employee presenteeism.
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Topics discussed

Self-care in the workforce
Reduce stress to increase productivity

Learning objectives

Recognize the importance of balancing hard work with self-care
Recall techniques to reduce stress at work

Who will it benefit?

Female financial professionals and accountants from all business sectors: public accounting, business & industry, not-for-profit, government & academia
Global leaders and aspiring leaders
Women in finance who want to develop new skills
Male colleagues who wish to learn more about developing women leaders