Brett Knowles, MBA, CMA


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    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


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    75 minutes

Setting OKRs and KPIs: Measuring What Matters

Performance measurement has changed. Led by organisations like Google, LinkedIn and Spotify, we are seeing the birth of a new measurement mind-set that uses shorter time buckets and takes strategic measurement down to the team and individual level.

We are seeing expanded scorekeeping around both environmental and societal impacts of their businesses. Finally we are seeing a faster pace of measurements-with monthly and quarterly the new norm. This session reveals the new performance measurement.
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Topics discussed

Strategic measurement at the team level
Performance measurement

Learning objectives

Understand WHAT to measure
Understand WHY to measure it
Learn HOW to measure it
Learn about the need for daily/ weekly/monthly measures

Who will it benefit?

Finance Managers
Vice Presidents of Finance, Strategy, or FP&A
Others with responsibility for financial planning, Strategy and analysis for small, medium or large companies