Regina Brown, CPA


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    4 Hours

Small Business Advisor – Core Concepts

This course covers relevant topics such as entity and business owner planning considerations, cash flow and estate planning techniques, and recent tax provisions most beneficial in the current environment.

The knowledge presented here is designed to assist current CPAs who are working with small- to mid-tier business clients in making themselves invaluable beyond tax and accounting related matters - helping them become overall business advisers to their clients in these challenging times.

Through this course, you will gain invaluable knowledge to create a well-rounded understanding of many major client concerns and propel you to become an overall business adviser for your clients.

Along with a general discussion of important topics, this course is littered with signposts that will point you in the direction of further research and ultimately make you even more valuable to both new and existing clients.
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Topics discussed

Cashflow planning
Estate planning
Entity considerations
Business owner considerations
Recent tax provisions

Learning objectives

Analyze important entity considerations in the current environment.
Compare the differences in the definition of basis and associated tax implications for various types of entities.
Identify tax planning opportunities based on selected entity.
Differentiate business owner compensation types based on the entity selected.
Analyze reasonable compensation rules for C corporations and S corporations
Identify valuation discount opportunities in the current environment.
Apply succession planning techniques.
Distinguish different types of loans available to businesses to ensure business continuity.
Identify certain tax provisions that may be used to generate quick cash.
Determine bank, lease, and vendor renegotiating opportunities in the current environment.
Use market’s low interest rates to take advantage of refinance and investment openings.

Who will it benefit?

CPAs in private practice
Tax professionals
Other qualified professionals
Sole practitioners
Small business owners