Jeff Lenning, CPA, CITP


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  • NASBA Field of Study

    Specialized Knowledge

  • Format

    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


  • Course acronym

  • Prerequisites

    Familiarity with Excel tables and formula-based reporting concepts

  • Course duration

    2 Hours

Streamlined Excel Reporting Series Session 3: PivotTable Wrap-Up and Web Data

In this session, we finish our PivotTable discussion by examining various ways to present report values, discussing the subtly of properly sorting a recurring-use PivotTable, and covering numerous filtering options, including slicers. Next, we explore the lookup function, which is designed specifically to retrieve values from PivotTables. The webcast concludes by transitioning to data acquisition techniques, and we’ll retrieve data, including stock quotes from perhaps the largest external data source of all, the World Wide Web.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

• State the process for displaying PivotTable report values as a percentage of the report total.
• Identify the default sort order of a PivotTable.
• Recall three ways to filter a PivotTable report.

Who will it benefit?

All accounting and finance professionals