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    On demand

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  • CPE Credit


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    50 Minutes

The Data-Driven Finance Leader

From big data and network effects to the subscription economy and cloud computing, modern finance is undergoing its most fundamental transformation ever. Today, it takes a data-driven finance leader – someone who understands and embraces the promise and power of technology – to navigate this exciting, uncertain future. Attend this session and hear how companies like yourself became data-driven finance leaders that proactively drove strategy and improved operations.
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Topics discussed

Learning objectives

Identify the technologies and skills you need to move to a digital, data-driven world
Determine how to move from Finance 1.0 to Finance 2.0 and beyond
Recognize how to “Twitterize” your reporting and analytics Identify when you should automate and when you shouldn’t

Who will it benefit?

Basic knowledge of data technologies. Familiarity with financial reporting systems.