Julie Holunga


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    50 Minutes

Watch your Language! Words that are Sabotaging your Career

Women face issues that hinder their career progression, such as diminished confidence, not being heard, and not regarded as a leader. In this video, Julie shares one of the overlooked keys to leadership success for women: a strong vocabulary. An effective leader needs to be articulate and use robust words. Yet, women can be careless about the language they choose (like, um, sorry…) In this session, participants will learn strong vocabulary that impacts their success as a leader, and learn the obstacles that prevent their progress and impact. Leave this session knowing that with practice, you will excel in your career by increasing your skills and confidence
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Learning objectives

Identify how to remove weak language from your vocabulary and insert strong leadership language to influence and impact those around you
Recognize how to increase your confidence by taking action and speaking up.

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