Easy, fast confirmations. Every time. Trusted by 1.5 million auditors, bankers, lawyers, creditors and more.

The pioneers of digital confirmation

With 200 professionals in 10 offices around the world, confirming financial data is easier than ever for Confirmation. Finding the truth in financial data should be easy to find however, for bankers, auditors, lawyers and credit managers it’s often very difficult. They’re auditors, they should know! For that exact reason Confirmation was founded. The Global reach of the Confirmation platform is 170 countries, no other platform comes close to their reach.

The idea of digital confirmation was pioneered by Confirmation and they’re still industry leaders today, 20 years later. More than 16,000 audit firms, 4,000 banks and departments, and 5,000 law firms have been using the Confirmation platform.

With 1 trillion dollars in confirmations each year, this platform is the clear choice for easy validation of financial and other sensitive data.

Visit their website to read more about Confirmation and find out for yourself why Global International Management has built a strong partnership with this company.

200 professionals in 10 offices around the world. Global expertise with local support to ensure your success.
No other platform comes close to our global reach of users spanning 170 countries.
We created the digital confirmation process and are still the industry leader nearly 20 years later.