Pave the way to secure
delivery of financial

Pave the way to secure
delivery of financial

Digital, authenticated financial information that you can trust

The process for collecting financial documents, including audit reports from prospective borrowers and processing this information within your organization often involves multiple touch points and communications. For many, the process can be time consuming to manage and keep track of. In addition to the manual processes, there typically isn’t a way to verify that submitted documents contain authentic, unaltered information, and were issued by a valid CPA firm. The commonly used methods for exchanging financial information, such as mail and email can leave documents susceptible to fraud through fabricated reports or altered financial information. RIVIO Clearinghouse, developed by, in collaboration with Confirmation, was designed to bring heightened efficiency and security to financial document exchange. RIVIO provides a secure platform that confirms the original source of documents as a valid CPA firm, and ensures information is authentic and unaltered. The online platform offers built-in protections to prevent the use of fraudulent private company audit reports and other types of financial documents, delivering information you can trust.

The financial document clearinghouse supports a controlled, one-to-many process for exchanging sensitive financial documents

CPA FIRM (licensed and enrolled in a Peer Review program)


CPA FIRM (licensed and enrolled in a Peer Review program)


Experience the benefits of a modern and centralized document repository

RIVIO facilitates communication among three distinct groups: CPA firms, private businesses and third parties, such as investors and lenders. The platform offers features and benefits relevant to the needs of each user type.

When you request documents through RIVIO you will experience

Increased efficiency

Provides access to a digital- information source that allows banks and other third parties to electronically obtain required business financial statements and other CPA-provided documents from their original source.

Improved communications

Gives banks, regulators, exchanges and other third parties the ability to request documents from private businesses and track the status associated with the documents. It also issues notifications when documents are ready to be viewed, and if there are any withdrawals or changes to those documents.

Reduced risk

Ensures banks, regulators, exchanges and investors receive an authenticated, unaltered digital document. RIVIO confirms the original sources of documents and protects from the use of fraudulent private company audit reports and financial statements.

While alternatives to email and mail such as online portals and file sharing software offer improvements to manual processes, they lack ways to validate the source of information is from a valid CPA firm and that documents are authentic and unaltered.

Bank Portals

  • – Designed for bank to client communications.
  • – Limited system controls governing document and file exchange.
  • – Potential to create bottle necks in workflow situations.
  • – Does not validate source of client provided financial document.

RIVIO Clearinghouse

  • – Designed for 3 distinct user groups with features relevant to each
  • – Sophisticated controls regarding document exchange (ability to recall, limit access, etc.) Validates and authenticates the CPA firm as the
  • – source and ensures unaltered documents are provided to 3rd parties
  • – Highest level of security
  • – Facilitates real-time communication

RIVIO is built on the same trusted architecture as Confirmation and undergoes 400+ external security reviews and audits every year.

✓ SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 Examinations

✓ ISO 27001 Certification for Service

✓ TRUSTe Privacy Policy Certified

✓ EU-US Privacy Shield Framework

RIVIO for the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname

“ With RIVIO, financial institutions, regulators, audit firms and private businesses can easily make the transition to digital financial information exchange with a reliable and trusted platform. This will not only help our region to innovate but will also assist in strengthening our financial services landscape”

– Rocher Cyrus CPA, CGMA.

RIVIO is brought to you by Global International Management LLC – authorised partner of RIVIO and Confirmation