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Becker – BEC Special Offer

With the CPA Exam changing in January 2024, our subject matter experts recommend that you pass the BEC Exam first. The BEC Exam is experiencing the most change through CPA Evolution. It'll be removed, with content dispersed throughout other CPA Exam sections, and replaced with one of three discipline sections. Our CPA BEC Exam single part course allows you to focus on this section of the exam, so you can pass before January.

Get Exam Day ReadySM with Becker’s CPA Business (BEC) Exam Review. Get 24-month access to the best-in-class instructors, vast library of multiple choice and task-based simulation questions, Simulated Exams, SkillBuilder video solutions and more! BEC Exam Review now also comes with BEC Single Section ExamSolver FREE ($99 value). All so you have even more resources to pass BEC before CPA Evolution.

  • 2 simulated exams are included in the Business Exam Review, which mirror the CPA Exam in format, style, functionality, and time.

  • 3 mini exams are included to give you exam experiences earlier in the studying process and allow you to test your knowledge more frequently during your study journey in a real exam-like environment.

  • Becker’s exclusive SkillBuilder videos offer step-by-step tips and strategies to guide you through the most difficult CPA Exam questions and task-based simulations.

  • Exam Solver Provides more than 200 bite sized instructor-led step-by-step explanation videos to all of Becker’s task-based simulations and multiple-choice questions within the 3 BEC Mini Exams and 2 Simulated Exams.

  • Our coursework is customized specifically for you. Becker's exclusive Adapt2U Technology assesses what you already know and where you need the most help by testing your knowledge through unlimited practice tests.

  • EUR: € 465.67
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Topics discussed

The Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) Exam covers the following areas:

  • 20-30% Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Controls and Business Processes
  • 15-25% Economics
  • 10-20% Financial Management
  • 15-25% Information Technology
  • 15-25% Operations Management

Learning objectives

Every part of our course maps back to the AICPA CPA Exam Blueprint, so you never have to worry about studying out-of-date concepts.

Who will it benefit?

Everyone who wants to sit and pass BEC before the new US CPA format becomes effective as per January 1, 2024.